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•Rebuttal/Defense of Audio/Video Evidence
•Dialogue/Video Enhancement and Clarification
•Forensic Audio/Video Analysis
•Voice Identification
•Voice/Photo Enhancement
•Audio Forensic Synchronization
•EFN – Electrical Network Frequency Analysis
•Audio/Video Authentication and Chain of Custody
•Tampering Edit Analysis
•Domestic and Marital Matters
•Sound/Video Restoration
•Forensic Transcription
•Background Noise Removal
•Forensic Consulting
•Evidence Recovery – Analog and Digital
•Forensic Audio/Video Expert Witness

Enhancement, Clarification, Restoration, Background Noise Removal

Selectively applied processes that help improve the intelligibility or clarity of  a recorded signal used as evidence. Whether it is dialogue that needs to be understood, a person that needs to be identified or the sound of a bell tower to help determine location or time of events. This recorded evidence can make or break a case.

Voice Identification

In Voice Biometrics speech waveforms are analyzed, comparing the frequency content of the speech and the characteristics such as the quality, duration, intensity dynamics, and pitch of the signal. While examining speech waveforms is the driving force behind Voice Identification, combining higher level characteristics such as: rhythm, speed, semantics, idiolects, pronunciations and idiosyncrasies assist greatly in determining speaker recognition.

Susceptibility to transmission channel, microphone variability and noise is an additional factor. Challenges may arise when a clean landline phone is attempted to be verified using a noisy cellular phone. This final piece of the puzzle is where 21 years of experience make the difference in voice biometrics.

Electrical Network Frequency Analysis

ENF analysis is a technique for validating audio recordings by comparing frequency changes in background mains hum in the recording with long-term high-precision historical records of mains frequency changes from a database. In effect the mains hum signal is treated as if it were a time-dependent digital watermark that can help identify when the recording was created, and help detect any edits in the recording.  The technology has been hailed as “the most significant development in audio forensics since Watergate”. This is just one of the powerful tools we use to determine Audio has been Tampered with or edited.

Forensic Transcription

A standard transcriber, when confronted with noise levels that are greater than the content of the dialog, may render many areas as [inaudible].  These may contain key pieces of evidence to solidify a case.  Our lab is equipped with the latest technology and our vast experience has given us the techniques to improve the audibility and intelligibility to the greatest extent attainable today.

Domestic and Marital Matters

Is your spouse or domestic partner cheating? Infidelity concerns may have you gathering recorded video or audio evidence of poor quality. Pocket Dialing, butt-dialing, purse dialing can be impossible to discern for the layman, especially under the stress and anxiety of a marital issue. You want to be certain, but you are afraid to speak to someone.  It is overwhelming and emotionally draining when you can’t tell what is being said, who is speaking, if it is a person or the radio/TV in the background. Frequently, what sounds/looks condemning to an untrained ear/eye, is resolved by the professional.

Evidence Recovery
Evidence may first need to be repaired or recovered before it moves on to forensic audio/video analysis. Sometimes the recording device has been damaged by heat, misuse, environmental conditions of a crime scene, or even on purpose by the offender. Even in these situations, the files can be recovered and used for analysis.

Forensic Audio/Video Analysis

Recording devices are everywhere – in businesses, traffic intersections, parking lots, bank machines, police vehicle dashboards, on the officers themselves, cell-phones. Chances are if people are around, someone is recording. These sources of recorded audio and video can assist in an investigation or prosecution considerably.  Sometimes this evidence makes or breaks the entire case! But only if you can hear what is being said, and/or determine who is speaking. Forensic experts have many techniques to enhance recordings that can bring out details and provide a clearer understanding of what occurred. Making audio recordings more “audible” and video clearer.

Audio/Video Forensic Synchronization

Using multiple clips of the same occurrence, Digital  Forensic Experts can align the evidence; synchronizing events with with recorded audio/visual cues, thus creating the most accurate timeline of events as they occurred.

Forensic Audio/Video Witness Services

Affidavit Filing, Court Testimony, Deposition, and Consulting Services. Contact us for information regarding our services (800) 800-3267