Service vs Experience

Recently a client came to us asking for a tampering analysis. Without getting into the specific details of the case, we were tasked to perform an exhaustive examination of an audio file, looking for signs of tampering at the “sample” level of audio – in this case 1/48000 of a second. While we could easily have only concentrated on what the client asked for, we took the time to thoroughly listen to the file and consider the clients position.  After taking everything into consideration, we did an audio enhancement on the supplied evidence and began to dig deeper into what was actually recorded. We uncovered audio that blew the case wide open. It turned out that the tamperer unknowingly used audio that exonerated our client! We discovered audio evidence that had nothing to do with the tampering!  Only by seeing the whole picture and not just one viewpoint, were we able to use our experience to help our client in ways they couldn’t even imagine and do more than just “process a file”. Digital Forensics is not performing a single task, blindly. It is always keeping the bigger picture in mind, adhering to the Gestalt philosophy of serving our clients.  With the proliferation and accessibility of software; experience, patience and intelligence can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Would you trust something so important as your case to a piece of software, or risk inexperience overlooking important evidence? With so much on the line, the only solution is the complete solution. The solution of Digital Forensic Experts with top of the line, state of the art equipment and software in our labs paired with 21 years of experience dealing with evidence in a conscientious manner, looking at the complete picture, leaving no stone un-turned.