Rates and Fees

(800) 800-3267     digitalforensicsexperts@gmail.com

All fees in advance unless other arrangements made. $1200.00 minimum retainer is required on all hourly services.

All LAB SERVICES Including Audio/Video Enhancement, Background Noise Reduction, Restoration, etc. $350.00/hr

Testimony and Report not included.

AUTHENTICATION: $3500.00 per recording up to one hour.

VOICE IDENTIFICATION: $4500.00 per unknown recording.

NAMED AS EXPERT or AFFIDAVIT: $1500.00 for each affidavit.

COURT TESTIMONY, DEPOSITION, CONSULTING: $2,500.00 per day in California. Testimony, Deposition, and Consulting outside of California will be quoted on a case by case basis. Expenses for first class travel, business class hotels, car rental, food or other expenses are due in advance.


All major credit cards accepted.

(800) 800-3267     digitalforensicsexperts@gmail.com